Shoe Aid

Shoe Aid is working with some of the largest organisations in the UK to reduce footwear poverty. To donate items of footwear to Shoe Aid we are working with a number of businesses to provide donation boxes where you can take your old items of footwear.

Soles of Stoke

Restored trainers

Soles of Stoke is a charity that has been started by enterprising entrepreneur Lance Birchall of LB_Restorations from Stoke-on-Trent. Lance restores old trainers to look like new again and now his new venture, Soles of Stoke aims to restore donated … Read more

Textile Recycling Association

Textile Recycling Association The UK’s trade association for used clothing and textiles collectors, sorters and reprocessors. The main objectives of this Association are: to represent the interests of its members Internationally, nationally and locally. to be a major force in … Read more

LMB Textiles

LMB have recycling banks for textiles, shoes throughout the London area and the Southern Counties and on an average week now collects 170 to 200 tonnes of textiles, clothing and shoes.

Variety Club recycling shoes

330 million pairs of new shoes are bought each year in the UK. Shoe materials are not normally biodegradable. Recycling shoes reduces landfill and recycles the materials.