About Disposal Know How

The planet is, we are told, over subscribed with junk – our junk – and we need to be more mindful of how we dispose of unwanted items. So what do we do with all this stuff, who will take it and recycle it, where can we send those old videos tapes, broken irons etc.?

On a recent clear out I found that I was left with many things that I was sure would be useful to someone. Some things were broken or outdated, but I was loath to send them to landfill. OK we can send old clothes to the local charity shop, give away a few things but inevitably we are left with some things that we just don’t know how to get rid of. Technology especially costs a lot of money but becomes obsolete all too quickly. It seems like a huge waste just to chuck it out.

With a bit of research online you can probably find out where to send your old computer, fridge, washing machine etc, but this takes up precious time. Time that most of us would rather spend on doing something enjoyable. So we thought how great it would be to have a one-stop place where you could find all that information.

So we got together and started investigating. What we found was that an awful lot of stuff that we might routinely throw away can in fact be recycled, repaired or reused and sent to countries where there are shortages of the basic essentials, things like spectacles that no longer fit your prescription, that old bike that you bought to keep fit on but is still rusting in the shed, or any number of other items that are now cluttering our cupboards unused.

This website the result of our investigations, we made it our mission to be THE one-stop site for all the latest information about the various means of recycling and ethical disposal available.
of course it is always a work in progress as things frequently change and hopefully improve. Therefore we are continuously gathering information and we welcome your input and suggestions, please do drop us an email or use our contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Caroline  & Wendy