Symbols and Logos

Recycling SymbolsPlastic Recycling SymbolsOther Logos
recyclenowRecycle Now
Logo aims to encourage recycling.

threelogosThree Recycle-Now Packaging Logos
indicating which parts of the packaging can be recycled

mobiusMobius Loop
shows that the item can be recycled where correct facilities exist.
mobiuspercentMobius Loop with x%.
This item contains x% of recycled material and can be recycled where correct facilities exist.
batteriesThe Crossed Out Wheelie Bin Symbol Adopted by the European Council to represent waste electrical and electronic equipment, shows that a product can be recycled separately from other household waste under the WEEE directive.
weeeThe Crossed Out Wheelie Bin with Bar
The black line indicated that goods were placed on the market after 2005, however the black line under the wheely bin was dropped from the symbol in 2012
resyThe RESY System
This symbol guarantees that packaging with this symbol is recyclable and will be accepted by cardboard recyclers
glassGlass recycle
Please put this recyclable glass container in a bottle bank.
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This product (usually a drinks can) is made from recyclable aluminium.
Recyclable steel, can be placed in a steel recycling facility.
Shows that the material is compostable.
cartridgeUnited Kingdom Cartridge Recycling Association
This symbol indicates that certain environmental criteria for toner cartridge recycling have been met.
Found on TetraPak cartons that can be recycled either with your main recycling collections or at local authority recycling banks. Check your local authority for information.
Found on Elopak cartons that can be recycled either kerbside or at local authority recycling banks. Check your local authority for information.
logo_SIGSIG Combibloc
Found on beverage cartons that can be recycled either kerbside or at local authority recycling banks. Check your local authority for information.

pet1PET / PETE (Polyethylene terephthalate)

Usually clear or green, sinks in water, rigid. Barrier to gas and moisture

hdpe2HDPE (High density polyethylene)

Semi rigid, sinks in water. Resistance to moisture, permeability to gas.

pvc3PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Semi rigid, glossy, sinks in water.

ldpe4LDPE (Low density polyethylene)

Flexible, not crinkly. Ease of processing, Ease of sealing, barrier to moisture.

pp5PP (Polypropylene)

Semi rigid, low gloss, resistance to heat, chemicals, greese and oil, versatile barrier to moisture

ps6PS (Polystyrene)

Often brittle, glossy. easily formed.

other7O (Other-often Polycarbonate, acrylic, ABS, mixed / multi layer plastic.)

Dependent on polymers or combination

These logos are commonly found but do not necessarily mean that the product can be recycled

Do not litter. A familiar addition to the packaging of many everyday items, this symbol simply suggests that the bearer should dispose of this carefully and thoughtfully.
woodsustainableFSC Logo
Made from wood from sustainable forests.
greendotGreen Dot
The Green Dot logo can be misleading. In participating countries the Green Dot indicates that the manufacturer is funding a recycling program for products with this label. The UK is not a participating country.
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fromrecycledpaperNAPM Approved
Signifies that the product is manufactured from 100% recycled paper
eu-flowerEU Ecolabel
An EU-wide award for non-food products that minimise impacts on the environment – detergents that are less harmful to rivers, lakes and oceans, for example.
open-jarUse-by for Cosmetics
This is not a recycling symbol but is commonly found on cosmetics. The number indicates the life of the product once opened in months “m” or years “y”