URM (UK) Limited

Glass Recycling

For nearly 100 years URM/Berryman has been the leading company in buying and recycling all types of glass. They have pioneered new methods of treatment to make sure that the glass they buy can be put to useful second life — from closed loop systems to make new bottles and jars to construction products, insulation and many other useful products. They work closely with Local Authorities and waste management companies to ensure efficient collection, transportation and fair pricing.

Their commitment to innovation and quality, together with an unrivalled range of services and nationwide coverage makes URM your ideal partner in glass recycling.

Glass Bottle – Green, Amber, Clear, Mixed

Along with their own Bottle Banks, they collect Green, Amber, Clear and Mixed bottle glass from waste collection companies, local authorities and glass producers & distributors.
We also accept material being delivered by agreement to our sites via 3rd Parties.

MRF – Material Recycling Facility.

In recent years we’ve seen some Local Authorities move away from source segregated glass collections. Instead, it is now more common for kerbside collections to be a mixed recycling stream, including paper, cans and plastics.
These materials are then separated at a MRF (Material Recycling Facility) and depending on the capabilities of the facility, different grades of material are produced.
URM have adapted to this shift, investing heavily in market leading technology enabling them to process a lot more of this lower grade material to Remelt as opposed to Aggregate.

The UK Targets 67% of glass waste to be processed to Remelt grade and 33% to aggregates. URM currently put over 85% of the glass waste received back into Remelt.

Flat Glass

A strong rolled and polished glass containing few impurities, produced in thin sheets and used in the manufacture of mirrors, windows and the commercial automotive industry. It is produced in various forms such as patterned, tinted, mirrored and laminated, all of which URM collects through its nationwide collection service.
This material is processed at URM’s plants ready for Remelt to Float or Container Glass.

URM (UK) Limited

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