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Upcycling – is about preventing waste by using useful materials from things that already exist. For example, by unraveling an old sweater with a worn out elbow, to make something new and different; a bobble hat and/or gloves. This reduces the consumption of new, raw materials, when creating new products which in turn can result in a reduction of energy usage, air pollution, water pollution and even greenhouse gas emissions.


Childrens Scrap

Children’s S.C.R.A.P. collects, stores and distributes clean, safe industrial waste for schools, nurseries, playgroups, community groups, charitable organisations etc for their craft projects.

Childrens Scrapstore

Scrapstores are a fantastic resource for community groups who are in need of high quality art and craft materials for their members.

Coat Hangers

There are endless ways of repuposing or upcycling coat hangers.


Sourcedlife is family business based in Cornwall UK making unique Truck Tarp bags & accessories. They make messenger bags, shoulder totes, shopping bags and much more all by hand and all made to last. Their truck tarp comes from upcycled lorry curtains … Read more



FoodCycle empowers local communities to set up groups of volunteers to collect surplus food produce locally and prepare nutritious meals in unused professional kitchen spaces.