Box of Water

Water in a Box

It’s that “Duh” moment! With all the problems of single use plastics and the ever growing mountain of plastic water bottles especially, why did no-one ever think of this before?   We have milk cartons, a multitude of different juices in cartons so why not water?  Water in a box is so, so obvious! Available in … Read more

Kids are Amazing!

Well we know that don’t we?  Our children are the future and we are responsible for ensuring that we leave a world that is sustainable for their future. So when I see that a growing number of children are taking action to clean up their environment and engaging other children to help them, it makes … Read more

Are we bored of recycling!?

Recycle Nija

Every day we’re being bombarded with bad news that makes us feel anxious, frustrated, helpless and hopeless. But there’s a big problem that’s having a direct impact, not only on the planet but on us*, that we can do something about, that will make a difference and can help give us some hope, at least … Read more

4 years of trash photos

Antoine Repesse

Antoine Repessé is a photographer based in Lille, and in 2011 he started on a new project. Antoine stopped throwing out his rubbish to see how much he accumulated and was responsible for over a period of 4 years. Antoine used photography to document and highlight on a personal level the negative impact that we … Read more