All that Glitters……..!

If you have a small child in the family then you will know all about glitter. Children love it and craft activities would not be the same without a bit of sparkle. No doubt you will also know about the clean-up issues after said activity! It sticks to every thing – your skin, hair, clothes, and you find it for weeks afterwards!

But that’s just the beginning of the problem. Remember the issue of micro-beads in cosmetics?  Well this is that same issue, glitter is made of tiny pieces of plastic bonded with aluminium to give it sparkle.  And of course it cannot be recycled, so it ends up in landfill where it may get washed away by rain, or is washed down drains into waterways where it could find it’s way into the food chain!

This problem includes basically any product that uses glitter, i.e. greetings cards, make-up or hair spray, nail polish, glitter glue, even children’s sparkly dress-up clothes, all these items pose a potential threat to the environment and the wildlife.

The Good News!

But what would child’s play be without the sparkly stuff?  Thankfully there is now Biodegradable glitter that is made from a certified compostable film that adheres to the European (EN13432) and the American (ASTM D6400) standards.
Eco glitter is made of a cellulose film mainly derived from eucalyptus trees from sustainably sourced FSC plantations and is designed to break-down in the sewage system.

So spread the word to your local nursery and primary schools, parents, grandparents or anyone who might be interested!

You can buy biodegradable glitter and related products on the following sites: