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Take The Plastic Challenge!

June 1st – 30th June – Take part in the Plastic Challenge

Take the plastic challenge and give up single-use plastic to raise money to fight plastic litter.  The charity  Marine Conservation Society UK needs your help to ensure they can continue to organise beach cleans, work with industry and governments on finding solutions to the problem, and keep the issue of marine litter in the public eye.

We are hearing and seeing more and more articles in the news about the damage that single use plastics are doing to our wildlife and environment.  Our beaches are over-run with plastic bags and broken micro-plastics and we have to do something about it.

We understand that in today’s society it would be nearly impossible to live completely plastic-free but by cutting our use of single use plastic we can try to reduce our plastic footprint.

Your fundraising through this life changing challenge is vital and any money you raise will help. So why not take the challenge?

To take part Download your free Pack – which is full of tips and advice from previous Plastic Challengers.

Be part of the community @mcsuk and #plasticchallenge 

Find a recycler.

Reducing waste items into their basic elements so they can be made into new products.
One man’s waste is another’s treasure, find people who will treasure your unwanted waste.
Reprocessing unwanted items into completely new must-have necessities!