TRAID is a charity working to stop clothes from being thrown away. We turn clothes waste into funds and resources to reduce the environmental and social impacts of our clothes. It is a circular and sustainable approach to the problems of clothes waste tackling disposal, production and consumption by:-

  • Increasing clothes reuse across the UK reducing waste, carbon emissions and consumption
  • Funding international development projects to improve conditions and working practices in the textile industry
  • Educating people of all ages about the impacts of textiles on the environment and people’s lives, and how we can make more sustainable choices

TRAID does this by providing the UK public with a network of over 1,500 charity clothes banks, home collections and charity shops diverting around 3,000 tonnes of clothes from landfill and incineration every year. We work in 191 boroughs and districts in the UK supporting local authorities, businesses, schools and communities towards zero waste.

What can I donate?

  • Clothes (Women, men’s and children’s. All styles wanted including designer, high street and vintage)
  • Shoes (Paired)
  • Accessories (Bags, scarves, jewellery, hats etc)
  • Linen (e.g. Curtains)
  • Books & music
  • Homeware (Of all kinds)
  • No duvets or pillows
  • No damaged clothes or shoes. For example, we cannot reuse items which are very worn or have big holes or stains.

What condition should donations be in?

TRAID needs donations which are in good enough condition to resell, we don’t mind about the fit, style or era.

Phone 020 8733 2580

I:CO System

What is I:CO?
The name I:CO stands for “I collect.“ Their system is as follows: “We can all give back our discarded clothing, shoes or accessories such as belts or bags to the places we bought them. Worldwide I:CO provides the infrastructure to ensure that the valuable raw materials from these old textiles enter a closed loop production cycle and remain there. From collection to recycling, consumer goods are recycled and put to a new use. In this way every consumer and every participating company is actively contributing to climate protection.”

How does I:CO work?
It’s very simple. You go to one of our I:CO trading partners’ branches. You deposit the clothing, shoes or accessories that you no longer use – and you receive a shopping voucher which you can use straight away to buy something new from our commercial partners. I:CO is great for both your pocket and the environment – because we collect your used clothing and put it to good use.

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