Greenpeace Goodies

Greenpeace T-shirt

By wearing one of their t-shirts or jumpers, you will be helping to fund and spread awareness of the important work that Greenpeace do.

TurtleDoves Cashmere

Turtle Doves logo

Recycle your Cashmere and receive  FREE cashmere fingerless gloves in exchange! If you have a cashmere jumper which you no longer wear, has become worn or moth eaten? Turtle Doves is a British design and manufacturing company, specialising in using post-consumer textile waste to create beautiful new garments & accessories. Send your old 100% cashmere, … Read more

LMB Textiles

LMB have recycling banks for textiles, shoes throughout the London area and the Southern Counties and on an average week now collects 170 to 200 tonnes of textiles, clothing and shoes.

The Salvation Army

You can help to make sure we lessen our impact on overflowing landfill sites by donating your unwanted clothes and household items for reuse and recycling to the Salvation Army