SOEX UK Recycle shoes and clothes


  • Provides Local Authorities, Retailers and Waste Companies with industry expertise from a class-leading business partner
  • Delivers over 20 years of knowledge and experience, of working with local authorities, retailers and the public to reduce clothing waste, taking textile recycling in the UK to new levels of professionalism
  • Holds full and executive TRA membership & are working with key stakeholders across the textile supply chain towards meeting the goals of the SCAP 2020 commitment (WRAP)
  • In excess of 8,500 locations (in- and outdoors)
  • We buy end-of-line or unwanted stocks

For more information please contact SOEX on 08000 902 321


SOEX UK have been working with Variety, the children’s charity since 2002. We are proud of this relationship and over the years have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds helping disadvantaged children here in the UK. SOEX UK provides an opportunity for people all over the UK to give a new lease of life to their unwanted shoes and clothes. There are thousands of Variety branded recycling banks all over the UK offering the general public the possibility of reducing the amount of rubbish sent to landfill sites while helping children who need it most.

“We are delighted to receive the donations from SOEX UK that have helped, and continue to help, those who need it most.“
Variety, the Children’s Charity

SOEX Services & Collecting