Variety Club recycling shoes

Recycle your old shoes

330 million pairs of new shoes are bought each year in the UK. Shoe materials are not normally biodegradable. Recycling shoes reduces landfill and recycles the materials.

Variety Club works in partnership with SOEX UK to provide you with a way to recycle your unwanted shoes. There are 7000 Variety Club shoe recycling banks throughout the UK where you can donate your shoes. You can also start recycling at your organisation. So every time you buy new shoes, don’t just throw away the old ones. Donate them to Variety Club!
You can donate all sorts of shoes in all condition. Whether you donate heels, gym shoes, boots, sandals or slippers your unwanted footwear will raise funds for the disabled and disadvantaged children they support. The shoes are sorted for suitability. Worn out shoes are used to manufacture materials like insulation for buildings. Others are distributed to developing countries around the world where they are refurbished by local people, thus creating much needed employment.


SOEX Solutions

Please call 08000 902 321 to find out where your closest shoe bank is located. All shoes, in any condition are accepted.