Salvation Army Trading

Donating your unwanted clothes and household items helps to make sure we lessen our impact on overflowing landfill sites.
Not only that, but by donating your unwanted clothes and household items for reuse and recycling, you are also helping the Salvation Army to support projects throughout the country.
The profit that SATCoL  (The Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd), receives from your donations through reuse and recycling schemes help to fund it’s valuable work throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland as they extend a helping hand to those who are homeless, friendless and in need.

Clothing banks
have distinctive clothing banks throughout the UK and Ireland. Every bank is visited at least once a week.

Sometimes you may receive a plastic bag through your door asking for clothing donations. These white plastic bags will include The Salvation Army red shield logo so you can be confident where your clothing is going. Each bag will indicate a collection day and a hotline number in case of difficulty. You don’t have to fill the bag; even small amounts can help.

Charity shops
Donations of clothing can also be dropped off in Salvation Army charity shops during normal opening hours. (Please don’t leave donation outside charity shops when they’re closed.)
Click here to Find Your Nearest Centre

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SATCoL also works with hundreds of schools and colleges throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland to run recycling schemes that give young people the opportunity to make donations safely and easily at their school, whilst learning about clothing recycling and raising money.

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