I:CO System

What is I:CO?
The name I:CO stands for “I collect.“ Their system is as follows: “We can all give back our discarded clothing, shoes or accessories such as belts or bags to the places we bought them. Worldwide I:CO provides the infrastructure to ensure that the valuable raw materials from these old textiles enter a closed loop production cycle and remain there. From collection to recycling, consumer goods are recycled and put to a new use. In this way every consumer and every participating company is actively contributing to climate protection.”

How does I:CO work?
It’s very simple. You go to one of our I:CO trading partners’ branches. You deposit the clothing, shoes or accessories that you no longer use – and you receive a shopping voucher which you can use straight away to buy something new from our commercial partners. I:CO is great for both your pocket and the environment – because we collect your used clothing and put it to good use.

To see which companies are Partners click here:www.ico-spirit.com/en/ico-partners/