A Waterfall begins with one drop of water

We are all worried about the future of our world,  moaning about the current state of the country, climate change, pollution, wars, politics etc. and it is making us feel so, so depressed and helpless.  What can we do?  Avoiding single-use plastics, saying no to straws, bags, cutlery seems like a drop in the ocean and feels pointless.

But we must not let it get us down, we need to tackle it in another way and think positively.  You are not alone, there are lots of us trying to do our bit, lots of people taking a stand, young people organising clean-ups,  entrepreneurs starting amazing charities and NGO’s, all pulling together to make a positive impact on the world.

Yes, it’s an uphill struggle but we cannot give up!  Remember the line from the film The Power of One: “A waterfall begins from only one drop of water”    Each one of us is an Active Drop, there are many us and we are creating a tidal wave!

We don’t need to preach – but we need to become salespeople, spread the word about what we ourselves are doing.  Tell our friends about a new planet-saving item, shop, car, solar panel, whatever it is. Sell the idea, extol its benefits, how much money it saves you, how much it enhances your life or wellbeing.  This will encourage others to get on board.

If each of us manages to convert one of our friends we can create a Mexican Wave of change!

Mexican Wave Simulator