The Nappy Shed

“Disposable nappies are filling up UK landfill sites at a staggering rate of 8 million nappies a day and they make up 3-4% of household rubbish.  400,000 tonnes of disposable nappies go into the rubbish in the UK every year.  By the time they reach two and a half, an average child will have used approximately 5,000 nappies, which equates to almost a ton of waste per child.”

The Nappy Shed sell a great selection of different types of washable cloth nappies from UK manufacturers at competitive prices. 

With a ton of information about the different styles, how to choose, demonstrations and even trial kits so you can try-before-you-buy!

  • The Nappy Shed
  • 9 Prichard Road
  • Headington
  • Oxford
  • Oxon
  • OX3 0DG

tel:01865 794360 / 07776007658