Opt-Out of Junk Mail with your Post

Stop the Junk –

Not only do we receive unsolicited mail delivered by leaflet distributors, but advertisers are also using the Royal Mail to deliver their junk mail with our regular post!

The good news however, is that you can opt-out of Royal Mail’s Door to Door service to stop unaddressed mail.   They do have a commitment to deliver any mail that is addressed “to the occupier” or to the named person, they cant sort out the junk for you, but the unaddressed items will stop.

Download one of the forms below:

English Version PDF

Welsh Version PDF

fill it in with your address, pop it an envelope and post to:


This instruction lasts two years, (just in case you decide you want the junk mail!) so you will have to send it out again in a couple of years time – or when you notice it building up again.