Used Battery Containers


Its difficult to remember to take the odd dud battery round to the recycling banks at your local supermarket, and if they get left lying around you can get them mixed up with working batteries – and you know that they should not be thrown  away with your other rubbish either!

Convert an old empty tissue box or an empty can into a battery recycling container, this will keep used batteries in one place and seeing the box will help you to remember to take them with you when you go to the supermarket

Click the images on the right to download the PDF.

The tissue box covers, for either a regular sized box or cube box – print onto A4 paper. Fold along the green lines and cut a cross in the top along the red lines.  Slot it over your empty tissue box and secure the folded ends with tape.

For the can – print onto A4 paper and cut along the green lines. Fold round a can and secure with tape.
“No Junk Mail” label – cut out and stick to your letterbox to try to stem the flow of useless paper. Cover with clear sticky-back plastic or clear sticky tape to protect it from the elements.

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