Absorb Bin

Absorb Bin

Absorb BinNo more pouring cooking oil and fat down the sink! Absorb Bin eliminates the risk of blocked drains by providing a quick, easy, trouble-free way to dispose of fatty kitchen waste – and its sleek, modern design means it will look good on your kitchen work surface too. Just place a fat trapper into Absorb Bin and pour any cooking oil and fat into the centre to help it disperse quickly and evenly. The super absorbent material soaks it up in minutes and, even used every day, it will last about a week before it gets saturated (fat trapper may require changing more often than this in warm weather -or keep it in the fridge). Once the fat trapper’s work is done, it can be removed, popped straight into your bin and replaced. No mess, no fuss – and no more blocked drains.

Fat trappers sold separately.

  • Pack of 3 super absorbent fat trappers
  • For use with the Large Absorb Bin
  • Made from fully biodegradable wood pulp
  • Refill Bundle – 5 packs for the price of 4

Large Absorb Bin will accept approx. 280ml of oil or fat.        26 x 16 x 7cm H.

Absorb Bin

A review – “Bought this for over Xmas with family staying a week, a Full English daily, whoops!……..Should have got small one, had no idea how good it would be. Sadly, wont be able to use it, but highly recommend for family, the small one for smaller households. Saves endless looking for pots for oil and fat to dispose of. Noticed no odours at all. Looks sleek and does great job. I would say, think before you choose the size as it’s very absorbent and extremely good. ”

Uptown Oil

Uptown Oil collects used cooking oil for recycling & converts it into biodiesel.

Recycled biodiesel is one of the first renewable, sustainable, biofuels capable of making an impact on urban vehicle emissions. By significantly lowering the net CO2 produced in the manufacture and use of recycled biodiesel, Uptown lowers total CO2 emissions in the capital.
Other noticeable benefits are less smoke and other pollutants in exhaust, a cleaner, less chemical odour, cheaper fuel which supports our community’s transport infrastructure, and the readily available supply of raw material (cooking oil) that would otherwise be dumped, discarded or used for less beneficial applications.
Catering Businesses:
As a controlled waste producer you are required by law to arrange for the disposal of your used oil with a licensed and registered carrier. You must also ensure you receive a waste transfer note as a receipt for your disposal. Increasing pressure on Environmental Health enforcement means more fines for non-compliance.
Uptown is a fully licensed waste carrier. We provide you with Waste Transfer Notes so you can show your compliance to the inspectors.
Uptown Oil provides a service that is clean, efficient, environmentally responsible and customer-friendly.

They now collect from over 900 venues London-wide. They don’t charge for this disposal service. Restaurants, pubs, canteens, schools, government offices, chip shops etc.
We subsidise fresh vegetable oil sales to London’s caterers because we recycle their waste – this returns some of the value of the oil back to the purchasers saving them money

For more information visit: Uptown Oil

Proper Oils

Proper Oils collects waste cooking oil – both Used Vegetable Oils & Animal Fats – from caterers, they refine it into high quality biodiesel, which is then supplied to local organisations in London & the South East of England.

Unblocking the Community

Proper Oils also helps households to collect and recycle their used cooking oils and fats.
Unblocking the Community is a community-led campaign relying on volunteers to organise collection points. If you think that your area needs a collection point you can set up your own cooking oil collection point in your community. Proper Oils will supply barrels and all the necessary leaflets and posters to advertise your campaign.

0203 613 4623

Check to see if there is already a collection point near you:   unblocking-the-community-collection-points

Olleco – Supply & Collection of Cooking Oil

Olleco’s vision is ‘100% resource recovery for the food industry’. Their story began more than 30 years ago when used cooking oil was collected and used in animal feed. When this was banned due to tighter regulations, a huge amount of used cooking oil ended up in landfill or was illegally poured into the country’s drains. As a solution they looked at other ways to recover the value from this precious resource, so began a journey to collect both used cooking oil and food waste and convert them into renewable energy instead of merely throwing it away.

Olleco’s ‘virtuous cycle’ approach helps them to come up with solutions that best suit your requirements whatever they are. Nothing is wasted from your food service business, be that time, money or resources. Applying this approach ensures that they’re able to deliver maximum benefit to you and to the environment.