Cooking oils, food waste collection and renewable energy!

Olleco offers a national service from 15 depots across the UK and has grown and improved its oil supply and organic waste collection services. They are one of the UK’s largest distributors of cooking oils to the catering trade and have created innovative collection systems and designed bespoke vehicles specialised for the collection of used cooking oil and food waste. They serve 50,000 customer sites across the UK and have led the way in developing conversion technologies to ensure they extract the maximum benefit from the valuable resources they collect.

Biodiesel Plant

In 2013 they completed a specialist biodiesel plant in Liverpool. Capable of producing 16 million litres of biodiesel it is the UK’s largest purpose-built plant dedicated to producing biodiesel from used cooking oil. In 2015 they completed the construction of their first Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant which provides the heat and power needed to operate the biodiesel plant. This has allowed them to step ever closer to achieving their vision of 100% resource recovery by producing biodiesel that saves over 95% GreenHouse Gas emissions compared to fossil fuels.


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