CTR Group

CTR Europe provides a smart solution for the recycling and disposal of corporate waste.

CTR Europe is a corporate waste partner who can facilitate the disposal of a broad variety of products in line with legislation but also in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Recycling is no longer an option, it’s a requirement, it’s not only up to us as individuals but it’s a corporate and social responsibility. Recycling is here to stay and future generations are relying on us to act now. It makes sense both commercially & environmentally.

CTR Group offers businesses a trusted full circle waste management service in the recycling, reuse and resale of a broad variety of materials. With a 75,000 sq. ft processing plant strategically based in the centre of the UK, CTR Group collect, sort and process thousands of items each week, which are recycled, reused and resold.

Considered market leaders, CTR Textiles offers a total recycling and disposal service – accountable and trusted. Therefore, service and reliability are paramount, starting with a dedicated account manager, uniformed drivers, monthly reports, right through to providing packing boxes – we go the extra mile.
CTR Textiles, partner with high street charity chains, offering a full service solution for the ethical disposal of unwanted items, (which incidentally doesn’t stop at textiles alone). In fact, we take ALL of the unwanted items which come your way, and in addition offer a very competitive rebate!

To find out more about their textile recycling service call them on 0800 294 55 84.

Or visit: CTR Europe