Little Princes Trust – Hair donation

Little Princes Trust helps children suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment.

Provide real hair wigs, free of charge, to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have lost their own hair through cancer treatment.
As a result of treatment for cancer, most children will suffer hair loss as a side effect.  Some boys and girls cope remarkably well but for others this can be very upsetting.

Please note that they are unable to guarantee that your hair will be suitable for a Little Princess Trust child’s wig. This is because it is not the decision of the charity, but that of the wig manufacturer in China.  All of the hair donations are sent to the factory.  If your hair is deemed suitable, it will be blended with at least five other hair donations just to make one single wig.  These wigs, made from donated hair, are given to the charity absolutely free of charge.  In addition to these free wigs however, the charity also purchases wigs to ensure that the best and most appropriate one is given to the poorly boy or girl.  The purchased wigs cost the Trust on average around £350 each.  Therefore if you choose to donate your hair, please consider raising money for the charity at the same time.  Any amount of fundraising will help towards these costs.

Suitable hair types:

  • Clean, dry hair in good condition (no split ends) from any gender, and of any natural colour
  • Straight, wavy, curly, permed or chemically straightened (in good condition)
  • Containing the odd grey (less than 10%)
  • Dyed, bleached/highlighted (any dyes must be of a natural colour)
  • Layered (shortest layer must be at least 7”/17cm)
  • Plaits/ponytails, cut a long time ago, preserved in good condition

Unsuitable hair for Little Princess Trust children’s wigs:

  • Hair that is less than 7”/17cm in length
  • Dyed an unnatural colour (blue, green, purple)
  • Largely/mostly grey hair
  • Afro (the wig-maker is not a specialist manufacturer of Afro wigs. The Trust buys these wigs in separately)
  • Dreadlocks
  • Hair extensions

Little Princess Trust Hair Donation
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