Are we bored of recycling!?

Every day we’re being bombarded with bad news that makes us feel anxious, frustrated, helpless and hopeless. But there’s a big problem that’s having a direct impact, not only on the planet but on us*, that we can do something about, that will make a difference and can help give us some hope, at least in one area of our lives.
Yes it sounds boring, but it’s recycling! We’re getting so tired of hearing about it, and how we should be doing more, OK, we know about it – but we’ve stopped listening, or caring so much.
There’s been a lot of talk about the worrying future we face if we don’t begin to take recycling more seriously, that the amount of plastic we produce will choke our planet. But it’s not about the future any more, the evidence is clear, it’s here, NOW!
We all have busy lives, and sometimes it’s hard to get motivated, to find the time, but it just takes watching a video on the subject, like ‘Open Your Eyes’ or  ‘The Plastic Age’ on our Videos page, to see the urgency, and to inspire us to try harder. If we look at it in a different way, it can be an exciting challenge, giving purpose and a sense of making a difference.
So let’s redouble our efforts, get involved, become recycle ninjas; help in a 2 minute beach clean up, join Thames21 to clean up a river, refuse as much plastic packaging as we can, make small changes like buying paper straws instead of plastic ones, (See our ‘Alternatives to Single-use Plastic’ page.) and even try to discourage balloon releases – What!? I hear you cry.
Take a look at this to see why:
The more we search for ways that we can help to reduce our dependance on plastic, and to lessen our impact on our beautiful planet, the more people and groups we find who are making a difference, encouraging us and giving us hope for a happier future.

Give it a try, like us, you might get hooked on it!


* ‘microplastic found in tap water’, ‘BPA a threat to human health’,