Shoe Aid

Shoe Aid is working with some of the largest organisations in the UK to reduce footwear poverty as well as helping reduce footwear waste and its impact on the environment.
There are places in the world where thousands of men, women and children are wearing footwear that is not fit for purpose. At least 280,000 homeless people (10,000 living on the streets), have no shoes or shoes that are falling to pieces, and that place is the UK!

To donate items of footwear Shoe Aid are working with a number of businesses to provide donation boxes where you can take your old items of footwear. (Check the locations map on their donations page.)   Only take up to 20 footwear items to a Shop or Business please.

If there isn’t a location near you – you can post your donated items of footwear to Shoe Aid directly at this address:

Shoe Aid
Beech Avenue
Nottingham NG7 7LS 

Please ensure, where possible, all items of footwear donated are ‘Fit for Purpose’. This means that they are not overly damaged, don’t have holes in them or could cause injury. In other words, that they can be comfortably worn again.
Shoe Aid accepts all footwear items, men’s, women’s and children’s. Football Boots/Trainers, Wellingtons, Outdoor Shoes, Boots, all Sports Shoes, and Safety footwear.