Compostable PLA Tableware

This is a bit of a minefield!   We all know about the problems with single use plastic, straws, cutlery, food containers etc. The UK government had vowed to ban single use plastics by 2020!  We are still waiting for that … Read more

Polythene Bags

Thursday 29th of March 2019 We are sad to announce that Four04, (formally Polyprint), has informed us that unfortunately, they are no longer able to recycle polythene products from the general public. However, they have told us that printed and unprinted polythene wrappers … Read more


Ross-shire Waste Action Network (RoWAN)  works with communities in Ross-shire and Inverness-shire on waste awareness and waste prevention activities. We encourage and support householders, schools and businesses to reduce the amount of waste created and sent to landfill. This is achieved by: … Read more

Opt-Out of Junk Mail with your Post

Stop the Junk – Not only do we receive unsolicited mail delivered by leaflet distributors, but advertisers are also using the Royal Mail to deliver their junk mail with our regular post! The good news however, is that you can … Read more


In her book “Plastic Free”, Beth Terry provides the following easily understandable description of silicone.

CTR Group

CTR Group offers businesses a trusted full circle waste management service in the recycling, reuse and resale of a broad variety of materials.

Oil Care

Good practice advice to help you look after your oil safely and, when it’s no longer needed, to send it for recycling or safe disposal.

The Great recovery project

The great recovery

In these resources pages you will find an abundance of information and insight to challenge your thinking and inspire you to new ways of doing.

Charity Retail Association

Set up over a decade ago, the Charity Retail Association is the only body in the UK that represents the interests of charity retailers.