Polythene Bags

Thursday 29th of March 2019
We are sad to announce that Four04, (formally Polyprint), has informed us that unfortunately, they are no longer able to recycle polythene products from the general public.

However, they have told us that printed and unprinted polythene wrappers and bags etc, (provided all paper labels, Sellotape, sticky residue, food remnants and foreign objects have been removed), should be accepted by your local supermarkets.

How do I tell the difference between different plastics?
Polythene will stretch fairly easily when pulled, whereas other ‘plastic’ products do not. Other materials can normally be differentiated from polythene as they are usually clear in appearance and sound “crinkly” when touched.  Compostable polythene should be marked accordingly and cannot be recycled.

After being recycled, polythene can be used in various ways, often being turned into refuse bags, fertiliser sacks, chairs, benches, tables, pallets etc.