Oil Care

Oil CareThe Oil Care Campaign is a joint initiative between the UK environmental regulators, trade and professional bodies and industry. We’re working together to give you good practical advice to help you look after your oil safely and, when it’s no longer needed, to send it for recycling or safe disposal. We aim to give you the information to understand how to reduce the environmental risk of your oil and why it’s important.

In 2012 over 3300 oil pollution incidents were reported to the UK environment agencies. That’s nearly 10 incidents every day. Oil damages our environment, killing plants and animals, looks unpleasant and can cost thousands of pounds to clean-up.

If you see oil on a river, lake or stream, call the national incident/pollution hotline on 0800 80 70 60 to report it as soon as possible, the line is open 24 hours, calls are free from landlines but there may be a charge if you’re using a mobile.

Oil Care Information Line 03708 506 506 or visit the website http://www.oilbankline.org.uk/