M-24 Bags from Recycled Tarpaulin

M24 bags are designed from recycled truck tarpaulin. Each bag they make is totally unique because of the variety of lorry curtains (truck tarps) they collect. You probably drive past lorries thousands of times a year but never give the mighty … Read more


Are you wondering how a mannequin can be recycled? Are you aware that the materials they are made of do not biodegrade and it can cost a fortune to send them to landfill?


Like other metals, keys can be recycled in the mixed metals recycling facility.

Japan Dentures Recycling Association

This non-profit organisation raises cash donations for UNICEF, by using donated partial dentures. The dentures are separated from their metal clasps, and the metal is then recycled. In 2007, the association donated about $80,600 U.S. to the Japan Committee for … Read more