Are you wondering how a mannequin can be recycled? Are you aware that the materials they are made of do not biodegrade and it can cost a fortune to send them to landfill? Did you know that in this day and age, this is not good ‘green’ practice?

If you find yourself throwing a large amount of mannequins away, think green then think of us. We have a network of mannequin recyclers both in the United Kingdom and the United States.

At Mannakin we believe that the most environmentally-friendly thing you can do with an old mannequin is give it a new lease of life through careful renovation.

Whatever the condition of your unwanted mannequins we can put them to good use:

Whole mannequins can be refurbished and released back into the retail world – “As good as new – or even better”

“Spare parts” are often useful to retailers for dramatic impact or for showcasing jewellery or hosiery. Even those mannequins that are beyond standard commercial use can find favour in creative hands.

Contact us today to find out how soon you can start recycling your mannequins – 01636 610033.

Mannequin Recycling Gets Even Greener

A percentage of any profits made from the hire or sale of recycled mannequins are allocated to our Macadamia Tree Plantation in Malawi. Instigated from the Mita Village in Southern Malawi – the plantation is hand cared for by family in a totally organic way.

Roz Mita, Mannakin’s MD, lives in and out of Malawi. The macadamia plantation that her family have established is aimed at providing the extended family members with a sustainable source of income as an alternative to traditional small scale farming practices. It is hoped that through support from Mannakin, the plantation will extend into neighbouring gardens, thus supporting the surrounding community.

Want to buy or hire recycled mannequins?

Many of our recycled mannequins have been given a fabulous make-over. We think they’re as good as new – or even better. They’re certainly excellent value. Take a look at some of our favourites and get in touch if you’d like to know more.