Shoe Aid

Shoe Aid is working with some of the largest organisations in the UK to reduce footwear poverty. To donate items of footwear to Shoe Aid we are working with a number of businesses to provide donation boxes where you can take your old items of footwear.

Mytum & Selby

Sadly Lush tell us that they can no longer take your plastic bottle tops as space in their shops is limited, so are passing on their customers to Mytum & Selby. Mytum & Selby are a large recycling company dedicated … Read more

Soles of Stoke

Restored trainers

Soles of Stoke is a charity that has been started by enterprising entrepreneur Lance Birchall of LB_Restorations from Stoke-on-Trent. Lance restores old trainers to look like new again and now his new venture, Soles of Stoke aims to restore donated … Read more

Cathedral City

Cathedral City

On behalf of all cheese producers, Cathedral City  has partnered with Terracycle to launch Britain’s first cheese packaging recycling programme. You can recycle ANY flexible plastic cheese packaging from ANY brand or supermarket. Not only are they helping the environment, … Read more

Stay Safe Solutions

Stay Safe Solutions recycling for re-use service will reduce the environmental impact of discarded protective equipment, reduce landfill costs and save money on buying new PPE. Stay Safe Solutions are currently saving 63,000 items a month from landfill or needless destruction! … Read more

Mencap New Forest

Mencap is a charity that supports people with learning disabilities, they have branches all over the country and run several fundraising initiatives. The New Forest branch of Mencap are raising money by collecting plastic bottle tops – from milk cartons and … Read more

Polythene Bags

Thursday 29th of March 2019 We are sad to announce that Four04, (formally Polyprint), has informed us that unfortunately, they are no longer able to recycle polythene products from the general public. However, they have told us that printed and unprinted polythene wrappers … Read more


Well known contact lens manufacturer Acuvue have teamed up with Terracycle to launch  the first soft contact lens recycling scheme in the UK. They can recycle any brand of soft lenses and it’s super easy to do! Simply collect a … Read more

Dispose of Old Dentures

Dentures or False Teeth may seem an odd thing want to recycle, but they are made from plastic after all. It’s a question we have been asked several times and it took a while for the answer to come to … Read more