The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) is a not-for-profit company which represents the leading aluminium packaging producers and reprocessors in the UK.
Alupro is working to fulfill the industry’s obligation to meet, and exceed, recycling targets for aluminium packaging.
They are achieving this by working in partnership with local authorities, the waste management industry and the wider metal packaging sector to develop and stimulate the UK’s collection infrastructure. They also manager and run consumer information and education campaigns to encourage participation in recycling schemes.

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To check if it’s aluminium, do the ‘scrunch’ test:
Scrunch the foil in your hand – if it stays squashed it is foil and can be added to your recycling. If it bounces back it is plastic and needs to go in the bin.

Please rinse foil trays before recycling to remove food residue. This reduces smells and prevents other materials in the recycling becoming contaminated and attracting pests. To save water, trays can be rinsed at the end of the washing up.

Only recycle empty, used up aerosols. Do not attempt to pierce or squash them. If you can, remove the plastic cap and nozzle; but this is not essential.