Bone Cancer Research Trust

The Bone Cancer Research Trust is the charity that offers hope to people affected by primary bone cancer.  Dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer they are uniquely placed to make a difference through research. To help the Bone Cancer Research … Read more



FareShare save food destined for waste and send it to charities and community groups who transform it into nutritious meals for vulnerable people.


Are you wondering how a mannequin can be recycled? Are you aware that the materials they are made of do not biodegrade and it can cost a fortune to send them to landfill?

Secondhand Curtains Agency

Changing Curtains only take curtains in good condition – preferably as new. They have sold full length, interlined curtains with designer names…

LMB Textiles

LMB have recycling banks for textiles, shoes throughout the London area and the Southern Counties and on an average week now collects 170 to 200 tonnes of textiles, clothing and shoes.