Toiletries Amnesty

Toiletries Amnesty Toiletries Amnesty works across the UK and abroad to alleviate hygiene poverty. It in September 2014. When Karen Harvey realised that too many people were living with too many spare, unwanted or unused toiletries, (including baby products), she … Read more

Soles of Stoke

Restored trainers

Soles of Stoke is a charity that has been started by enterprising entrepreneur Lance Birchall of LB_Restorations from Stoke-on-Trent. Lance restores old trainers to look like new again and now his new venture, Soles of Stoke aims to restore donated … Read more

Stay Safe Solutions

Stay Safe Solutions recycling for re-use service will reduce the environmental impact of discarded protective equipment, reduce landfill costs and save money on buying new PPE. Stay Safe Solutions are currently saving 63,000 items a month from landfill or needless destruction! … Read more

Sistema England

Sistema England

If you have an instrument that is gathering dust on a shelf somewhere, we know a child who can use it. Sistema England are looking for used orchestral instruments in fully playable condition – strings, woodwind, brass and percussion – … Read more

Bone Cancer Research Trust

By saving just 1kg of stamps you can help fund one hour of  life-saving research! The Bone Cancer Research Trust is the charity that offers hope to people affected by primary bone cancer.  Dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer they … Read more



FareShare save food destined for waste and send it to charities and community groups who transform it into nutritious meals for vulnerable people.


Are you wondering how a mannequin can be recycled? Are you aware that the materials they are made of do not biodegrade and it can cost a fortune to send them to landfill?