Stay Safe Solutions

Stay Safe Solutions recycling for re-use service will reduce the environmental impact of discarded protective equipment, reduce landfill costs and save money on buying new PPE. Stay Safe Solutions are currently saving 63,000 items a month from landfill or needless destruction! … Read more

Dispose of Old Dentures

Dentures or False Teeth may seem an odd thing want to recycle, but they are made from plastic after all. It’s a question we have been asked several times and it took a while for the answer to come to … Read more

Cat Litter

How to dispose of cat litter: The advice from the Environment Agency about cat litter suggests that householders should carefully wrap any pet waste and place it in the domestic refuse. There are now various brands of biodegradable litter available … Read more

Cater Oils

Cater Oils mainly collects waste cooking oil from caterers but they also help households to collect and recycle their used cooking oils and fats through their community-led campaigns which rely on volunteers to organise cooking oil collection points