You’ll probably be shocked to discover that according to British Airways, Britain alone hordes foreign coins worth more than £30 million every year, because banks and bureaux de change won’t exchange them. That’s an amazing amount of wealth just waiting to be donated for exchange by your cause or fund.

And unless you take action to collect it, most of it will remain where it is for years to come: in drawers, jars and piggy banks waiting to be forgotten. Even among those who intend to take the coins abroad the following year to be spent, in the rush to get to the airport, they’re usually the last thing on the to-do list, and get left behind.

Cash4coins will collect foreign coins and over the years have helped raise thousands of pounds for charities.  They will even collect pre-decimal coins – i.e. the old pounds, shillings and pence that we used in the UK before 1971!

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