Carpet recycling-UK

Each year 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste is buried in UK landfill

Carpet Recycling UK is a not for profit membership association working to increase the recycling of carpet waste across the UK
Increasingly, businesses, householders and local authorities are looking for better alternatives for the recycling of unwanted carpet materials. They help ensure that the growing demand for carpet recycling services is met.
Carpets are made from natural and synthetic fibres, which still have a value once the carpet is no longer wanted; they can be used in a wide range of applications from sports surfaces to insulation.

If you need to dispose of carpet from your home, try the following:

  • Check with the shop you bought the carpet from – they may offer a take back scheme
  • Contact your local council to see if they offer a recycling service
  • Give your carpet away via Freecycle or a similar local group
  • List your carpet on Facebook marketplace or local group pages
  • Check the Reuse Network to see if there is an organisation in your area that takes used carpet
  • Contact your local animal rescue shelter – carpet pieces make good mats and help keep animals warm
  • Use it in your garden or allotment (or offer it to friends) – wool-rich carpet can help keep weeds at bay and insulate both soil and compost heaps. The nitrogen content can also help soil fertility.
  • Use a piece of the carpet as an anti-frost windscreen cover
  • Line a pond!

If the above options don’t work for you, then taking it to the local council recycling centre would be best – ask them if there is a recycling container for carpet waste.