Axion are managing a manufacturer take-back scheme for vinyl flooring offcuts and uplifted vinyl, (which gives a typical savings of 70% when compared to skip costs). Altro and Polyflor then reprocess the vinyl into new flooring products or for traffic management products such as cones and sign bases.

They also manage the UK operation of the Recovinyl Europe-wide PVC recycling initiative, the scheme funded by VinylPlus, the voluntary commitment to sustainable development by the European PVC Industry (originally funded through the Vinyl 2010 initiative). A Europe-wide initiative running in 16 countries linking PVC recycling facilities with firms in the construction and demolition sectors who need to dispose of post-consumer PVC. Participating recyclers sort materials and log volumes. Over 23 recycling companies have signed up to the scheme across the UK, giving window and building companies easy access to PVC recycling.

And they manage a producer responsibility programme encouraging growth and innovation in carpet recycling and connecting companies from across the supply chain. Members include manufacturers, raw material suppliers, retailers, equipment suppliers and recyclers.
Carpet Recycling UK drives innovation in end-of-life solutions for carpets. Their vision is a strong and diverse carpet recycling industry which recovers all carpet waste using best environmental technologies.
“Each year 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste arise in the UK
Increasingly, businesses, householders and local authorities are looking for better alternatives for the recycling of unwanted carpet materials. We help ensure that the growing demand for carpet recycling services is met.”

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Axion also sell high quality polymer, aggregate and solid recovered fuel materials, produced from their own processing plants.