Give yourself the Plastic Challenge

Plastic pollution!

Take the plastic challenge and give up single-use plastic for a month. Ask your family and friends to sponsor you to help raise money to fight plastic litter. You can help to ensure Marine Conservation can continue to organise beach cleans, work … Read more

Coffee Cups recycling scheme unveiled


Giant coffee cups are popping up all over the square mile of London’s business sector and workers are being urged to deposit their used paper cups to help tackle the mountain of used coffee cups going to landfill. All over … Read more

Recycle-ability of Black Plastic Packaging

Can we or cant we recycle black plastic? Up until now there has been confusion about whether black plastic could be recycled and there has been a disparity between councils. The problem stems from the way black plastic reflects light, … Read more

Recycling Fund for Communities

Veolia London is launching its Recycling Fund for Communities projects that inspire people to do the right thing with their waste.

Food Waste

One-third of the food we produce around the world is wasted from farm to fork.

Help Clean Up London’s Waterways with Thames21

Thames 21 logo

Thames21 mobilise communities to take action on London’s waterways. They run clean-ups and discovery events for people of all ages across the capital. Join them and over 8,000 volunteers every year who help bring London’s waterways.

Food Waste

Five hundred United Nations officials were treated to a dinner of mis-shapen fruit and vegetables.

Foundry Wood Educational events

Foundry Wood is a managed access community woodland. Through volunteer work parties they have made the site accessible by creating paths and facilities for all to use. Now the woodland is open most days for you to enjoy this unique natural environment.