Fire Extinguishers

Household users should return Fire Extinguishers to their Local Council Refuse facility for recycling.
Old or neglected fire extinguishers may be damaged beyond repair, due to dents in the body, cracking or internal corrosion. Not all defects are visible to the naked eye, so it pays to have your fire extinguishers checked by a trained person before disposal.
Chubb reminds users of the dangers of illegally discarding or disposing of old fire extinguishers​, following reports of an extinguisher exploding as it was crushed by a London refuse lorry.

As a business you have a Legal Duty of Care to dispose of waste legitimately and safely via a licensed waste carrier….Chubb offers a safe and legitimate fire extinguisher recycling service for the collection and disposal of condemned fire extinguishers, so you can have total peace of mind.
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