Bokashi Bin

A Japanese invention – as the name suggests, Bokashi is a system to “compost” all of your kitchen organic waste,  not only fruit and vegetable matter but also cooked food, meat, and fish as well – stuff that you would not ordinarily put into your compost bin.
You can keep the bin in your kitchen and because of the way the system works to ferment the waste, it should not smell or attract flies.

The Bokashi bin is supplied with a type of yeast bran which is sprinkled on the top of the waste, it also comes with a pusher – like a potato masher to compress the waste. The yeasts and the fungus in the bran work to ferment the waste, and you can keep adding your kitchen scraps and bran until the bin is full.   There is a tap on the bottom of the bin and the liquid can be diluted to feed your plants or even poured down drains to clear them and get rid of nasty smells.

When the bin is full it has to be left for two weeks to ferment and after that it can be dug into an existing compost heap or dug into the garden where the nutrients will be released back into the soil.

The bins are usually sold in pairs so you can use the other one while the first is fermenting.

Bokashi bins and the bran are available online from a number of suppliers.