Berryman Glass Recycling

Glass RecyclingBerryman glass recycling recover glass through bottle banks and kerbside collections (bring and collect) or through trade outlets such as pubs, clubs, hotels, they also deal with flat glass and double-glazing manufacturers. Their treatment plants produce finished cullet that is supplied to a variety of markets in the UK and mainland Europe.

Every year, the average British family consumes around 500 glass bottles or jars. There are good reasons why these bottles and jars should all be recycled.

The amount of energy needed to melt recycled glass is considerably less than that needed to melt raw materials to make new bottles and jars. Recycling one bottle can save enough energy to power a television set for one and a half hours.

Glass is a valuable and popular packaging material for food, drink and many other everyday and luxury items. Glass is also one of the few materials that retains all its qualities no matter how often it is recycled. So it’s important to recycle as much, if not all, the glass bottles and jars that are consumed in the home, in pubs, clubs and restaurants as well as the flat glass that’s used in buildings and vehicles.

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