Wood Recycling

UK Wood Recycling (UKWR)

UKWR will provide you with an efficient, cost-effective, flexible and seamless service, transforming your wood from waste to product.
They produce a number of products from recycled wood including; animal bedding, equestrian surfaces, compost, panel-board, and wood chip for fuel.

As wood use and manufacturing changes, the amount of low-grade waste wood such as laminates, MDF and chipboard is increasing, but there is currently little or no market for it. Low-grade woods are currently being sent to landfill creating methane gasses and contributing to global warming. UKWR can recycle these non hazardous woods to use in its products.

Recycling your wood with them is not only cheaper than sending it to landfill, it is also greener. By recycling with them you will be helping to protect the environment and saving yourself money!

UKWR prides itself on being a morally and ethically sound business which listens to its customers and its employees and as such, can guarantee that all their site and activities comply with health and safety policies and procedures.

What types of wood are suitable?
They can recycle the following non-hazardous woods:

●  All soft and hard woods
●  Pallets
●  Off-cuts, boxes, packing cases
●  Chipboard and OSB
●  Plywood
●  Melamine and laminates
●  Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)
●  Hardboard
Please note: CCA (copper chrome and arsenate) and other hazardous timbers cannot be accepted such as railway sleepers and utility poles.

How do I get wood to the site?
UKWR offers a number of options. They can provide the following:

●  A full UK collection service of your wood
●  A 40 and 55 cubic yard container service, delivered to your site on an exchange basis
●  Curtain-sided vehicles for stackable materials
●  Bulkers and Walking Floors for pre-crushed materials
●  A customer tip on-site facility

For more information contact:
Tel: 01642 45 20 44
Fax: 01642 45 20 55
email:     or visit: UKWR