Gear 4 Guides

Snowboard  & Ski gear

Gear4guides is a sustainable partner that stimulates the re-use of ski gear & snowboard gear. It could be that equipment is rejected because of manufacturing errors or it has been used for testing. In these cases it’s impossible to re-sell the gear in compliance with to factory standards. Destroying the ski gear is a high costly process. By donating the it to Gear4guides it will be re-used by people who can’t afford to buy it new!

“The whole idea of the concept started while exploring powder in amazing countries like Bulgaria, Iran, Turkey, India and Kyrgyzstan. On our journeys we worked closely together with local Mountain Guides, porters and drivers. It was odd noticing these guides were skiing old grumpy skis and were hardly equipped with snow-safety gear and knowledge. This shortcoming is easy to explain it’s just not available in these countries. But it’s their job and that’s how we started to do something about it!”