FREITAG for Truck Tarpaulins & Travel Bags

Would you like to sell your used truck tarpaulins to FREITAG?

Here is all the information about the delivery process, the payment as well as about their tarp quality requirements and other terms and conditions.

Please provide them with your details and they will contact you with the speed of a pan-European express transport truck.

Mrs Melanie della Rocca – +49 176 215749 91 –
Mrs Monica Cesconi – +41 43 210 32 51 –

Travel bags manufactured from well-travelled truck tarpaulins, unravelled seat belts, bicycle inner tubes beyond repair, recycled airbags!
Tough stuff – which makes these bags tough, too.

Material saved from landfill: 200 tons of truck tarps = line of trucks 50 km long; 75,000 bicycle inner tubes; 25,000 seatbelts.
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