British Heart Foundation Recycling

You can help the British Heart Foundation prevent heart disease devastating people’s lives by simply recycling your empty inkjet cartridges. It’s completely FREE and the BHF will receive up to £4.50 for every printer cartridge that can be successfully recycled.
The BHF is dedicated to keeping vulnerable hearts beating through their pioneering research, support and care for patients and their families, and for giving vital information which helps people understand and care for their own heart health. But, they urgently need your help to continue their life-saving work.

For more information on our work please visit

The scheme is completely free of charge and 100% of the value of all items successfully recycled will be donated to your chosen charity.  There are certain items that are eligible on the charity scheme so please ensure that you check to see if yours is listed.

If your item is listed and you would like to send it into us, please click on the freepost downloadable label below and affix to your own packaging.  Please note that the freepost weight limit is 1kg; if you have multiple items and think that you may exceed this weight limit, you may have to split them into smaller packages.

If you would like to recycle laser toner cartridges, please contact us via