Highway Code Review

Today (18 October 2018) the UK Government has announced a major review of the Highway Code to help keep cyclists and pedestrians safe on the roads.

A review of the Highway Code presents us with a huge opportunity to make our streets safer. 

Not just for lovers of walking and cycling but for everyone.
Too often people walking pay the ultimate price on our roads – despite not causing road deaths, congestion or toxic air levels.
This is unacceptable and we welcome this opportunity to make roads safer.
It responds to one of the five calls made recently by walking and cycling organisations in our publication Moving the Nation – to “revise the Highway Code to improve safety for people walking and cycling, particularly at junctions.”
Our streets can be so much more than just corridors for traffic and this review can reimagine our spaces to encourage more of us to walk and cycle as part of our daily lives, making for a healthier, cleaner, safer world.


Lower default speed limits to 20mph for most roads in built up areas and 40mph for the most minor rural roads to make our roads and streets safer for everyone. 

Adopt and ensure consistent application of existing ‘best-in-class’ infrastructure design standards to create safe, attractive and inviting places for people of all ages and abilities. 

Revise the Highway Code to improve safety for people walking and cycling, particularly at junctions.

Prohibit pavement parking to create safer and more accessible streets.

Provide cycle training for all children during their primary and secondary school years and embed a culture of walking and cycling throughout the school curriculum.

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