Global Recycling Day

BIR logoSunday March 18th 2018

The organisers of the first Global Recycling Day, are seeking a central London local authority to help with the upcoming event.

It’s hoped an authority would allow the organisers, the Brussels-based Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) , to “showcase the scale of what is possible, by using large bundles of recycled materials in a central location”.

The BIR have also said the day differs to other recycling promotional events as it helps to provide “one unified approach to recycling” across the world. The event will take place this month for the first time, joining a range of other initiatives, including WRAP’s ‘Recycle Week’ which is entering its 15th year in September.


The BIR has begun a petition for a unified global approach to recycling which has generated more than 4,800 signatures since its launch last year. It intends to hand the petition to the United Nations. To see more about the petition, click here.

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