Appalachian Wildlife Refuge

Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is a nonprofit that coordinates the needs of wildlife rehabilitation in Western North Carolina providing care for injured and orphaned wildlife, support for the wildlife rehabilitation network and conservation education to the community.

Wands for Wildlife®​

RECYCLE & SAVE WILD LIVES! Old mascara wands are used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of wild animals. They work great because the bristles are close together. Send in your wands or host a ‘Wands for Wildlife®​ Wandraiser’ gathering old mascara wands and donations to help the wild ones! ​

As a volunteer run nonprofit, your support goes directly to the mission and animals. Food, supplies and funds are needed to open the Wildlife Urgent Care Facility. Donations can be made online or sent in with the mascara wands.

Before mailing, wash wands in soapy water to remove residual mascara. ​Mail form, old wands & donations to: P.O. Box 1211, Skyland, NC 28776. Please get package weighed and send with correct postage amount.